Lagan Film

Days of the Lagan
Produced by Ocean Creative Media

Kathleen, a primary school pupil from Derry-Londonderry, has to complete a project about the Lagan area of East Donegal. If she does not complete it on time, she will not be joining her class on a school excursion to Water World. Fortunately for Kathleen, her grandfather lives in the heart of the Lagan, and he is only too happy to take her on a fascinating journey through many centuries of Lagan history.

The symbolism and significance of the characters and events in this short film are intended to act as an impetus for greater understanding and respect for all our people. The fractured relationship of the Grandpa and his daughter are synonymous with the cultural fractures that are all too evident in our own society. However, with the correct treatment, fractures heal. The Idyllic backdrop of Monreagh Church, sitting proudly in the tranquil green fields of the culturally dense Lagan, provides the perfect surgical setting for Kathleen’s mum and grandfather to heal their long standing emotional fractures. Monreagh Church symbolises the instrument of hope; Grandpa, the wisdom of age; and mother, the forgiveness and healing that comes from the maturity of respectful understanding.